Quezzas - n.//kay-zuhs// - 10”cheese quesadilla crust dressed with house salsas, finished with bold tex-mex flavors

 Plano · 10

cheese blend, salsa roja, scallions

Original · 11

mexican & spanish chorizo, cheese blend, salsa roja, scallions

Pacifico · 12

pork shoulder al pastor, pineapple, cheese blend, salsa roja, scallions

Fiesta · 11

romaine, tomato, black olive, cheese blend, crispy corn tortilla, salsa verde, salsa roja, garlic crema

Vegan · 13

soy “chorizo”, vegan cheese, romaine, salsa verde

Margarita · 12

avocado, tomato, cotija, cheese blend, salsa roja, salsa verde, cilantro

Lonestar · 13

beer-braised brisket, poblano, crispy onions, cheese blend, salsa verde, cilantro, scallions

Lady Bird · 13

roasted chicken, black beans, corn, cheese blend, cotija, salsa roja, garlic crema

Caesar Chavez Salad · 11

romaine, jalapeno, crispy onions, cotija w/ jalapeno caesar dressing

Selena Salad · 11

romaine, black beans, corn, roma tomatoes, scallions w/ choice of citrus vinaigrette or chipotle

Chips & Quezzo · 5

Julio’s tortilla chips served with melted cheeses & bold tex-mex flavors

Dipping Sauce · 1

chipotle ranch · jalapeno caesar · garlic crema · salsa roja · salsa verde · citrus vinaigrette


Topo Chico · 3      Mexican Coke · 3       Water · 2

add pork, brisket, chorizo or chicken to any Quezza or Salad for 2